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General Data Protection Regulations


Hope Family Homes would be nothing without people like you, so we make sure your personal details are kept secure and private this is really important to us. 

This is a quick note to tell you how Hope Family Home keeps your personal details secure and private, and to explain your right to control the information you share with us. 

The laws about how any organisation or company can use your data are being strengthened. I think this is a really good thing, it gives us all more power to stop dodgy companies misusing our personal information. 
These legal changes have also meant a few updates to the Hope Family Homes privacy policy. I wanted to make sure you had a chance to look at these. 

Here’s a summary of the most important parts of our privacy policy:

Your personal information is always held securely. Hope Family Homes never has, and never will, rent or sell your information to third parties

You can unsubscribe from being contacted about Hope Famly Homes at any time, by contacting us.

You have the right to request Hope Family Homes to change or remove your personal information. You can do so by contacting us anytime.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about how your data is protected contact hopefamilyhomesuk@gmail.com and I will make sure your questions are answered.                          

Alan Michael Purser (Chairman Hope Family Homes)