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   Thank you all for your continued support


August 2022

At present date you are sponsoring one of our youths on a Mass Media/Broadcasting college course. He is just about to start the 3rd year of a 4 year course. PLEASE HELP US TO HONOUR THIS COMMITMENT. Feel free to contact me and ask questions through our CONTACT page...Alan

July 2022

A new pig pen is in construction and a new community project in progress


April 2022

An Email from one of our Youths in Kenya

Hello Dad and all the donors. I would like to start this off by thanking all who contribute to my education.I do not take it for granted at all.

This is my second year,well halfway,and I have really hit the ground running atleast from my point of view and am pushing harder and harder.

Since my reporting at school,I have been made the class representative a position I hold to date but I do not allow it to hinder my progress.I have also represented the school in handball at the KETISA games late last year and we finished third.We are hoping for a better result this year though.

Academically,I have really enjoyed working in class though I haven't really gotten the full picture of where I am compared to the rest of the class but I am among the best.The reason I say I don't have the full picture is because even though we did the first year examination last year,some of the lecturers had not submitted the results for some of the units and so what we got has some unfilled units.I will attach that and will send the full results when we  resume school in May.

I have developed more interest on the practical units that is Editing, Photography and studio operations.I think everyday am getting to know which field I want to really focus on but at the same time am stuck on whether to major on sports journalism or Newsroom editor but I'll figure that out as time goes.I also got a slot into the schools' community radio station which is good for experience and learning seeing that it is ran 100% by the school.I do a sport show on Saturdays and sometimes analyse sports on different matchdays.

So far I am done with my industrial attachment that ran from January and will be assessed on Monday 4th of April.

Again I want to thank all of you for the support and I really appreciate it.Thankyou and be blessed. 

January 2022

A Happy New Year to all who read this, please respond with a Hi through the contact page.  Feedback is very encouraging.

£1 = between 137 and 151 kenya shillings (depending on how transferred and exchange rate)

June 2021

The bill for school fees is being presented as the schools are re opening. HFH still supports the "children" as they continue their education.

We have been asked to help with a 15,000ks (£108) medical bill, which is outside our mandate. If anyone feels lead to assist please follow up on the donate page.

Thank you all for the support shown to HFH and its aim to help change the lives of as many as we can.

January 2021

HFH wishes you all a Happy New Year and please stay safe.

Four of our children are still at school and in need of support, they are returning to their studies this week. One is starting a college course next week and he is desperate for a computer, if you can assist in any way please email me through the CONTACT page.

Many Thanks

Please note that our email address has changed. Contact via our contact page.

You can now support us when ordering from smileamazon. When prompted which charity type Hope Family Homes No 1067317

OR follow this link:- SmileAmazon

November 2020

Hello again from the trustees of HFH.

Thank you to our supporters who have stayed with us throughout the years, you have changed the lives of many children and the ripple effect has changed many peoples thinking about caring for the needy.

 Wow what a few months of Lockdown can do. The children have also been in Lockdown in Kenya, some have been home schooled, some have been able to study online from home, some have just had to be at home.

Communication with Fountain of Hope has been difficult with technical problems in Kenya and communication with the schools has been frustrating trying to get the right contact via School/internet/SMS/Email.

I am pleased to say that I am now in contact with FOH and a clearer picture is emerging. 

May 2020

Stay at home, Stay safe, NGUNS-OTJ

November 2019

Fountain of Hope Staff

Fountain of Hope Staff

Fountain of Hope Children

Some of the children, full photo as they all return from school

October 2019

If anyone wonders what Multi-storey gardening looks like, this is what Fountain of Hope wish to do on the shamba.

Multi-storey gardening

August 2019

Term time is nearly upon us.

Denis is still hoping to go to "Electrics" college. Thank you to all the supporters and to the Gift Aiders, we were able to recover over £220 last year. 

Fountain of Hope (Team Universe) are going from strength to strength with the children and their Community work.

June 2019

Congratulations to Hannah and Moses for their end of term school reports and positions, all their hard work is paying off, our job is to help them sustain their education.

Denis has succeeded in his KSCE's and he has expressed an interest in "electrics", he would like to further his education at college to become an electrician. This would be a three year commitment to sponsor him for this qualification. If there is anyone out there who feels led to assist please get in touch through the CONTACT page. These young men and women are Kenya's future.

March 2019

Please note Hope Family Homes has changed its UK address...see bottom of page...contact us through the CONTACT page...

Jan 2019

God is good ALL the time. NAIVAS one of Kenya's

supermarket chains recognises the work of the home and recently delivers provisions.



November 27th 2018

May Hope Family Homes and Fountain of Hope be one of the first to wish you all a HAPPY CHRISTMAS and to thank you for your continued support over this last year.

The home in Kenya is going from strength to strength with over thirty young people in addition there is work in the community.

One of our young men graduated from College, he took a carpentry course to learn a trade, he would like to continue at college for a further year to consolidate his skills.

We are waiting the results of the two                   who sat their KCSE (Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education) exams, this marks the end of their secondary education. The results will determine the next chapter of their lives.

Sept 2018

The children continue to grow thanks to your continued support. All the children are safely back to school. The FOH team have worked together, despite a few setbacks, to make sure the children are No.1 priority.

The Kenyan weather has not been kind, firstly there was a drought, then floods as you can imagine this upset the crops planned to keep the home fed, prices increased. The polytunnel has been a saving grace, although limited area. This term is a short one, soon the children will return to the home for Christmas holidays, some after term exams and some after finishing their High School education. Although some will leave us we hope that we have given them a better start to their adult life, we hope we have sewn in a solid foundation to help them face and overcome what lies ahead. 

As some leave others will join us, there are new challenges ahead.

NHIF [National Health Insurance Fund (Kenya), have paid for all expenses concerning Jaspers operation. Thank you to all who responded. Jasper is recovering.

July 22nd

Latest news from Kenya is that the cost of Jaspers operation has been met. However what he needs help with is the hospital costs, that is his days in hospital and his days recovering. Thank you all.

Hello everyone. Jasper (in Kenya) has a lcarotid body tumour. It is around his carotid artery in his neck and is cutting off his blood supply to his brain causing him to have severe headaches, blackouts and sickness. He has had Scans and they are willing to operate on 31st July. It is going to cost 200,000 ksh(approx £1600) This tumour has grown substantially over the last year and he is at risk of brain damage if not removed. If anyone can help put anything towards this operation he would be very grateful. 

Please contact through this website or any of the trustees if you can help and I will make sure he gets that help. Thanks in advance. NGUNS-OTJ. 

Jasper has just completed a college catering course and has been accepted, as a trainee chef in a top hotel in one of the Wildlife Reserves. He also has a musical talent and has produced several RapSongs, available on UTube. His career and music is on hold at the moment. Be blessed

FOH Logo 

This is the Logo for Fountain of Hope Children's Home. These are the people we are partnering with. 

Tablefull The table is full again of children.

May 2018

This month sees the start of the new school term. Thanks to continued support and the new management team of  Fountain of Hope we are returning the older children to their various boarding schools and the younger ones to their various day schools.

The children are settling into life with the new management team and progressing well.

January 2018

Fountain of Hope have now moved into Bethlehem, they are thirty in number having "taken over" six of the original children. We look forward to working with them to educate the children                  

Important update Nov 11th 2017


First of all we would like to thank you for your continued support over the last twenty one years, this has allowed Bethlehem Nyumba ya Mikate to change the lives of many children and influence their future. Kenya is changing and I believe the day of the “Foreigner run” children’s home is coming to an end as Kenyans take the lead and look after their own. 

Pastor Sam has done his best with the funds available sent from the U.K which have in recent years declined so a decision has had to be made about the future of the home with the welfare of the children as the priority. 

The Good News. We have recently had contact with a local Kenyan charity called Fountain Of Hope who have the same ministry to children as we do. We feel that the best way forward is a merger of Hope Family Homes and Fountain Of Hope. The amalgamation of their staff and our home will see the further development of Kenyans being able to look after Kenyans. We will be stepping down from the over all running of the home, we will however hope to continue with financial, prayerful and advisory support. This will enable the smooth transition which will result in their children and our children to become one family. Your continued financial support would be gratefully received in order that we may continue to feed, educate and clothe the children and see them mature into young adults ready for the world.

Hope Family Homes will continue to support the children for as long as you want, please help keep the vision alive.

On behalf of the trustees of Hope Family Homes I would like to thank you again for your support and wish you a very happy Christmas and may you realise your dreams for the year to come.

Be blessed...Rev Alan Purser (Chairman)

July 29th

Our school fees are due at the end of this month we need £1200 to send the children back to school, that is 14 children PLEASE CAN ANYONE ASSIST US. This is a termly commitment we have to honour when we set up this home. Children grow up, with your help we have looked after them, however the next step is to educate them as they grow. Many are in High School and are boarding away from home, they are working hard, please help us to keep them there.

July 12th

Please pray for the Childrens Home here in Kenya, the trustees have to make a difficult choice next Sunday 17th.

June 24th 

If you are in Kenya or certain places in the UK you can now donate to help these children via MPESA our PAYBILL No. Is 523223 A/c (insert your name)

June 14th 

This Saturday June 17th Africa celebrate "The Day Of the African Child". All the local Childrens Homes will march through Limuru and up the hill to Manguo school, there we will be entertained and entertain. Bethlehem will sing a song and Jasper will give his first live performance as a Rapper, world exclusive.

We will celebrate 21 yrs of Bethlehem on Sunday 18th with a cup of tea and a mandazi.

May 9th..All children were back to school on time. Thank you 

April 30th. Well done Sam, he managed to get three bursaries for the children from the Kenyan government to help with the school fees. £80 total. If you feel you can help us continue caring for these children please visit the "How to donate" page or send us a message on the "Contact" page


Help us to buy a cow to celebrate 21 years.


On 17th June 2017 Hope Family Homes becomes 21 years old. To celebrate we would like to replace the cow we had to sell to get the children to school last term. This will get us back to being able to supply our own milk and Biogas. 

Feb 21st...Bethlehem Children's Home Facebook page has now been shut down, please check website or Hope Family Homes Facebook page for ongoing posts.

Feb 13th...Check out the gallery for photos of the five High School achievers.

Feb 8th...Thanks again to all for getting the children back to school. They are happy


Jan 21st The sponsored swim took place, 

thanks to all who took part and turned up to support the two swimmers. Thanks also to the management and staff of Rossmore Leisure Centre. Lets get these children back to school as soon as possible...

Jan 16th...There will be a sponsored swim at Rossmore Leisure Centre this Saturday 21st from 1315hrs-1500hrs in aid of the school fee appeal. If anyone wants to sponsor this event please contact using the contact page.

Jan 11 2017

Unfortunately we have been unable to send some of our children to High school. The support for their education has not materialised, they will remain at  home until funds become available. These children have worked very hard to get the marks in their exams, if you feel led to help with a donation, no matter how small, please go to our "How to donate" page...

Dec 2016.

One of our boys has done very well in the end of Primary school exams (KCPE), he has been called by a National School. To get him there we need your help, once there we will be able to apply for a bursary. 

This is the baby found by the river at 4 months, he is now 14 years and growing into a fine young man. We feel blessed to have brought him this far.


Sam has named this girl Naomi

We have a new addition to the home at Christmas a one year old girl. A week ago her mum left her in a house, she was living with a well wisher who got tired and  called the police, the police brought her to us with an official letter from the chief of the area, the girl is about 1 year two months, she can't speak and still in pampers, she will be with us over the Christmas yet another child in our increasing family.

This next year 2017 will mark our 21st year in Kenya. The 20th year crept up and other events overtook us. The home, in Kenya, will celebrate with an Open Day, a few chapatis and the usual ugali and greens, maybe a BBQ'd goat.

Table Top SaleThis is the Table Top from which we sold items to help raise school fees, we raised £40

Saturday 19th November This Saturday Hope Family Homes will man a Table Top at The Church of the Good Shepherd, Herbert Ave/Stansfield Rd Parkstone. Come along and meet us. This Table Top Sale is to help COGS's New Build fund and also to help with school fees in Kenya.

At last I am able to edit this blog.

All of us both in the UK and at Bethlehem have had to come to terms with the passing of Heather our visionary and founder Of Hope Family Homes. She had been ill for a few years, her frequent visits to Kenya took their toll, she passed away in December 2015, a peaceful release.

The work she started in building Bethlehem Children's Home near Limuru in Kenya will continue.

We need your support, prayerfully and financially to help us look after these children who have been abandoned, abused and rejected by society, we need your help to help us heal that society.

I will be going through this website and updating the information, it may take a while.

 The vision will stay the same, our God does not change His mind, the approach may be different.

The Management in Kenya will stay the same, Pastor Sam and his wife Rachel, have started some exciting projects to boost the income from Kenya.




THIS IS OUR TEAM. We also employ Bernard who helps out in the shamba and anything else, see him in the Gallery.


We are taking on more children.
The children are back on track with school work and responding to the love they are given. Several are in the top 10 in class.

Please Email us for more details