Hope Family Homes

Restoring hope, Changing lives



 As new photos come in they will be posted here

These children thank you for getting them into High School


Ngigi is in a Polytechnic to learn carpentry.

Hannnah  LucyHannah & Lucy


 This is the New Home built by sacrificial giving.

Cabbage is a healthy crop

Some of the childrenSome of the children

Our loungeOur Lounge area

Dining TableOur Dining table

Repairing shared roadThe community spirit repairing the shared road.

 Some of the "Ladies Day" delegates. 

Little HousesThese are the newly constructed rooms to accommodate visitors. July 2016

selfieWho can resist a selfie?

May 2016 This is the Team with some of the children May 2016

 This little chappie was found at four months old under a hedge by the river. Someone heard his cries in the evening, but were afraid to go out at night. In the morning he was heard again, wild dogs were pulling at him. He was given into our care a few days later...

 This young man had no hope and fell into bad company. He ran away from his family. He now has a future as an athlete after entering the national championships.  This young man also needs sponsorship.

Joyce This young lady was found at 18 months old, in Nairobi on a mound of charcoal, with her mother and brother we brought them all to Bethlehem. Her Mother could not cope with a "normal" lifestyle so went back to her village.

She and her brother have left Bethlehem, she is now married with her own baby, her brother is being sponsored through college as a chef, although he has produced two or three "Rap" videos which can be viewed on Utube.

We are educating the children. They are working hard despite having hang-ups from their past. We always welcome help with school fees..

Hope Family Homes reward for doing this is watching them develop into young men and women with the ability to make a difference in their own country. 

Every one of our children has a story to tell, by donating to Hope Family Homes we can, together, help them fulfil their rightful destiny.